Macregen’s Vision and Strategy

Macregen and its partners seek to develop, register, and commercialize first-in-class breakthrough drugs, given alone or in combination with other drugs for the treatment of both dry and wet AMD.

The Company believes that by targeting the primary etiology of AMD, its new drug Mitia™  may provide unprecedented treatments and prevention of all forms of AMD.

Furthermore, Macregen owns a pivotal drug-delivery platform technology that may also deliver Mitia™ and other drugs by way of patient-administered eye drops rather than intravitreal injections administered by medical professionals.

Macregen Platform Technology Plan (MPTP)

The Macregen Platform Technology Plan is based on the Company's ownership of proprietary technology that has been acquired or developed by the Macregen.

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Mitia™ Macregen’s Drug Candidate for AMD

Macregen’s scientific breakthroughs have led to a new, compelling, and comprehensive understanding of the underlying causes of AMD, allowing the Company to develop innovative therapies to prevent and treat this progressive vision-ravaging disease.

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